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Love this picture



the signed poster from yesterday’s meet & greet.

also got a hug from Toru, Tomoya, Ryota & Taka♡


 これ見た瞬間テンションあがった @kikiti69's Tweet 


ONE OK ROCK, Live in Club NOKIA, LA 2014

Thanks, (c) YanisRei, youtube

so I was exploring some websites and end up checking ONE OK ROCK’s PRIMAL FOOTMARK WEB 2014 Website.. and I just feel like reading the source code of the websites and I ended up having these photos :)

20 days ONE OK ROCK challenge day 11/20
A song that makes you cry.
Even before I knew about Taka’s past I already thought this song was sad. Maybe because it was the last song of their Budokan concert and now it reminds me of an end or something like that.
I don’t even exactly know why Nobody’s Home makes me sad but it’s a fact..

ONE OK ROCK "Who are you? Who are we?" Tour
     Jakarta, 24.11.2013
     Lapangan Parkir Kolam Renang Senayan
     cr fancam: @___chakii
     ----gif purposes only, fancams arent widely distributed. 

2013.12.28 ★ December


I’m finally at rank 7 in Tenhou*. It’s Tomoya.

Well, long time no see, everyone.
Sorry for the late update!
Before I realised it, there’s only a little bit of the year left.
Even so, I wonder why I felt like this December passed by in the blink of an eye. Let’s see.

Looking back, this year…